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Monday, June 29, 2009

What I've been up to.....all out of order! lol.

I made a dozen maple leaf shaped cookies and iced them in red for a going away present for Ryan's vice principal who is moving to Robertson Elementary to be their principal.
This is the card that I made for Jonathon - We'll miss him around the school, but wish him luck in his new position!
This was the teacher gift we gave to Ryan's teacher Mrs. Leanne Krajnyak. I gave her the Teacher's Pet stamp set and black ink pad.
Sadly, our Principal Margo Valer is retiring this year! We're all so sad to see her go, but she deserves it! She really loves golf so, you sense a theme here?
I had made some more sugar cookies for Debbie and Charla who work in Shane's preschool class.
These are the close ups of the sugar cookie bouquets that I made for Sarah and Mary Lou - Shane's teachers and I also made one for Margo and Ryan's LA teacher (who is also retiring) Dawn Adams. I had also made 2 more for Ryan's two teachers over at Watson Elementary....Mrs. Angelucci and Mrs. Tournier.....he loved the program at Watson! So I made 6 bouquets all together.....I know, CRAZY!
I also gave each of the secretaries at Ryan's school a huge sugar cookie on a stick.......cause they are the rock of the school. They make it tick!
Here are the bouquests......I believe there were about a dozen cookies in each...
I went all crazy and made 12 backpacks for Shane's class - (there were 11 in his class by the end of the year) Inside fit about four flower shaped sugar cookies with sprinkles. Kids loved them!
The dark picture is not blurry, but you can see them batter in the blurry picture...
This is the card I made for Shane's baseball coach. She was awesome! Of course Shane's team name were the bees! He got to keep his team t-shirt and hat.......
The inside......I guess I neglected to take a picture of Dawn's card that I made for her as she is retiring after 23 years of service at Sardis Elementary....oh well, on to more cards......
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