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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Sorry I haven't posted!

It's been a crazy week! Denise, just so you know, your blog candy was sent on Monday! You should be getting anytime now. Thanks to all who played for blog candy. All your ideas were very inspiring. I'm sure to case!

Well, today was the day to end all days. I did some errands out of town and on my way back got stuck on the freeway for an hour and a half, parked! I was supposed to pick up my son from kindergarten at 11am. Needless to say I didn't make it. There was an RV which literally blew up. I would say I was about 100 yards behind the scene. I was really close but not close enough to get by. When we finally did get by it, the RV was literally non-existant. The whole front end was melted away! It was bloody hot out today too! I called the school to ask if one of the moms would be so kind as to take Ryan to the playground to play while I tried to get there. No problem....until that time came and went. I talked to Ryan on the phone, he was upset of course and refused to go back to this mom's house. He wanted to stay at school until I got there to pick him up. The kids that stay for all day kindergarten are watched by a couple of great ladies who offered to take Ryan with them. They were able to get him mind off me not being there and offered him some lunch. He just said no thank you. While I was parked on the freeway, I was just in tears. I felt so bad for my little boy who was wondering where the heck his mommy was. I finally arrived at 12:05ish. I called for him and he came a running, yelling Mommy! and a great big hug. It broke my heart. I explained to him what happened and he seemed fine but I still wanted to make it up to him so we went to DQ for ice cream. I now remember why I don't buy him ice cream cones It took him 45 mins to eat a small one.

Anyway, to the paper crafts I of course wanted to thank all that were helping me out in such a big way today so I made them each a card and of course because they all work together (except Krista who offered to watch him) so of course they all couldn't have the same card! Here they are, tell me what you think....honestly!

Sorry this one is was acting up......

Oh and I'm also working on making the kindergarten class their graduation hats.
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