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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

More Teacher Gifts

Well, I totally case'd this idea from Carrie Gaskin's blog. Artistic Avenger. Her link is on the sidebar, go check her out! Thanks for the great idea Carrie.....I love it. It's like a little stationary container for pens, pencils post-it's etc. This brocade blue and polka dots and paisley DSP caddy is for Ryan's Kindergarten teacher. I included some lined post-it notes, pens and pencils. I even tied a ribbon handle so she can tote it if she wants.
These are some bookmarks I made for a coupld of the TA's that take the afternoon kindergarteners during their lunch. We see them everyday at the playground and they are just a couple of great ladies.
Here is the second caddy I made for Ryan's other teacher-Mrs. McMaster. She teaches them occasionally for gym and music. Usually 1/2 an hour twice a week. Really nice lady too!

So now, I'm officially done teacher gifts and I can concentrate on prepping for my workshop on Thursday night. I've already prepped 10 waterfall cards and need to do 10 more and then also some other little goodies. It's real late now, so I'm hitting the hay. I know for sure, I'll be dragging my butt tomorrow!

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