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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Secret Sister's ROCK and Some very AWESOME RAK's - Thank you!

This package of goodies graced my mailbox on my birthday. Look at the stunning card and of course all of the yummy ribbon. Oh, I can't wait to dive in! Thanks DDSS big sis! There was also a package of metal edged tags.....sorry it didn't make the picture.
Here is an awesome BRAK from Greg Price - Isn't it terrific! I didn't like the Zoofari set at first but I'm seeing more and more cute stuff made with it and it's starting to grow on me. hmmmm
I think this is from my DDSS big sis, but on the return address it's my address and it says BRAK Club? or something like that. Our wedding anniversary is on the 14th. I've always wanted to see this technique in real life. You can click on the picture to get a closer look. It's the cracked glass technique. HOW COOL! I will have to buy the supplies and try this out for sure!
This is from my DD Secret Sister. Anyway, I saw this at Regionals and was boggled. This is such a cute little purse card. Thank you Big Sis!
This is the purse card folded up.
This great BRAK is from Angie Williams in Saskatchewan. Isn't it SWEET? Pun can stop giggling now....haha

This fantastic "Photo Card"? is from the Summers Family in London Ontario. What a great idea! It can hold six pictures I'm thinking, one on each side. They just roll out. So ingenious!
This beautiful card is from my DSS. She is from Enderby, BC. The butterfly is hand cut out if you can believe it. Isn't it beautiful! I love it.
This is also from my DSS in Enderby. Again the butterflies are hand cut out. It must have taken some time. Thank you Big Sis....I love your creativity!
This is a terrific BRAK from Amber in Rochester MN. I just love the scallop border with the punch outs. I have to remember this for a future creation.
Thank you to each and every one of you for thinking of me. You're all too kind and very Crafty and Creative! Kudos!

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