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Tuesday, July 03, 2007


Well, here goes nothing. I've been tagged by Carrie, the Artistic Avenger. Check out her blog! It's awesome! Anyway, I need to tell you 7 things about me that nobody knows. hmmm.

I'm pretty much an open book, but here it goes......

  1. I love silence....some people can't handle it, I can't get enough.
  2. Currently, I pull every little grey hair I find...I'm sure there are lots I can't
  3. I could go days without leaving the house. I wish sometimes I never had too.
  4. I would love to take a cake decorating course.
  5. I wish I were more creative in the kitchen...maybe a chef course?
  6. I want to someday sit down and write music or a novel.
  7. My husband does his own laundry.

Now I have to tag 7 people....some are going to be non crafters.....mwa hahahaha.

  1. Sue
  2. Aysha
  3. Kelli
  4. Corie
  5. Monique
  6. Kimberly
  7. Melanie

I check out these blogs should too! Happy reading! I can't wait to find out everyone's

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